Attorney's Office in Toruń

Attorney's Office of Wojciech Wojciechowski

Difficult and complicated legal provisions, professional difficulties, division of property, inheritance issues or divorce – these are only examples of situations where legal counselling may be useful. An educated and experienced lawyer is a person who may solve a problem and protect the customer's interests. Attorney's Office Wojciech Wojciechowski is located in Toruń and offers comprehensive legal services for private customers as well as companies. Flexibility and availability are our strengths. We consider problems our customers face in a customised manner, utterly determined and committed to meeting all requirements.

Attorney in civil and penal cases

It's been several years now that the Attorney's Office of Wojciech Wojciechowski operates in the heart of Toruń to render legal services in civil cases. We prepare legal opinions and submissions. If needed, we represent the companies we work for at courts and administrative organs of all levels. We specialise in labour law provisions, as well as collect debts. Comprehensive services for companies, in English and Spanish too, comprise only a part of operations of our Office.



About the Attorney's Office

Services for private persons and business customers – in English and Spanish, too.




We take up cases concerning civil, penal and labour law, as well as inheritance matters and divorces.


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An attorney from Toruń offers to discuss the scope of operations and date of a meeting.


Divorce cases in Toruń

Wojciech Wojciechowski and his co-workers specialise in divorces and other directly and indirectly related issues. On behalf of our clients from Torun and surrounding areas we are preparing petitions for divorce. We also represent them at court proceedings. We ensure not only services concerning divorces, but also related inheritance, property division or maintenance cases.


Efficient legal counselling – an attorney in Toruń

We are experienced and always take our customers' interests as our top priority. We believe that a professional lawyer is a person who uses his or her broad knowledge and skills not only to solve problems and provide efficient legal counselling, but also to predict difficulties and develop correct solutions. We ensure professional support and dilligent counselling. You are welcome to learn about the entire range of our operations and to use our legal services. The Attorney's Office of Wojciech Wojciechowski is located conveniently in the city centre of Toruń.