Divorces, civil and penal matters – attorney in Toruń

The Attorney's Office of Wojciech Wojciechowski has several years' experience of comprehensive legal services in Toruń, including civil, penal, labour law and inheritance matters, as well as divorces. We guarantee to prepare a petition for divorce and represent our customer if the case is considered in Toruń. Another area of our activities involves legal services for companies. Debt collection, drafting agreements, participation in negotiations – these are only examples of what we may offer to businesses which want to cooperate with us. Below, we provide a detailed list of legal services offered by our office.

The services' portfolio of the Attorney's Office of Wojciech Wojciechowski includes:

  • defence in penal matters, fiscal offences and misdemeanours, representing victims,
  • representing parties in court proceedings concerning civil and administrative matters, including:
  • inheritance (confirmation of inheritance, partition of inheritance, legitimate portions),
  • family law (divorce, separation, alimony, division of common property),
  • labour law (recognition of ineffectiveness of agreement termination, restoration of employment, compensation for mobbing, correction of an employment certificate),
  • insurance (appeals against decisions),
  • legal advice,
  • development of legal opinions,
  • preparing submissions,
  • comprehensive legal services for companies, e.g.:
  • establishing companies, branches, representative offices, associations, foundations,
  • mergers, divisions, transformations of companies,
  • debt collection,
  • drafting agreements,
  • participation in negotiations,
  • companies' reorganisation,
  • representation at courts and administrative organs at all levels.

If necessary, our Attorney's Office from Toruń cooperates with specialists of other areas and with other legal offices all over Poland. We are in close contact and cooperation with Toruń-based attorney's office of Marek Przybysz.